World Championships in Umag, Croatia

My Women’s 65 Division team (myself, Vicky McEvoy, Tina Karwasky,  and Wendy McColskey) beat Canada 3-0 on our first day of the Super-Senior World Championships in Croatia. On Tuesday, we play Sweden (click here to open a new window to see match result stats on the ITF website). I embarked on this competition journey over a year ago after retiring from UMass. Here are more pictures from this dream come true:

usa team2
I proudly carried the U.S. flag with other U.S. players.

croatia world championships
All of the players from different divisions competing for the U.S.

US TEAMMy New England friends also competing!

tennis action in croatiaThrilled to be on the court and moving.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. ruthcritcher says:

    Congratulations Judy! Good luck today!

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  2. geboxer says:

    Go UDixon! And carry our flag to the finals.

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  3. sunbird15 says:

    This brought tears of joy…so proud of all you do Judy and the USA Team

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  4. Jerry Meyer says:

    Judy, fantastic! Keep it going, we’re all rooting for you and your team!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ken Rubin says:

    Go Just! Good luck in your event! Show them all how to win on the Red Clay!

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