Tennis Strategy & Technique

As a player, twenty years a collegiate coach, and a tennis instructor, I have spent my life learning and re-learning the game of tennis: the mechanics, doubles and singles strategy, the mental game. Read some of my favorite lessons previously published in my email newsletter: Your Ad! To receive future Strategy and Technique newsletters: Subscribe to Your Ad!

Doubles Partners: Watch the Angles!

Make the right shot choice for you and your partner.

Too Close
to the Ball

Does your swing need more space than you are giving it?

Breaking Down the Serve

Three components of the serve.

Proper Practice

Are you taking advantage of your practice time?

Is Your Team Ready to Win?

15 tips to improve your team’s match odds.

Net Players: More Movement

Are you doing enough at net?

Best Chance to Win: Warm Up!

Use your match warm-up time wisely in championships.

Variables to Consider in Racquets

Choose the racquet that’s right for you.

Break Points: Cash In!

How should you approach a break point?

Take Advantage Outdoors

Use these strategies to win outside.

Footwork in Tennis

Take the right steps to improve your shots.

Proper Doubles Serving

Start the point with an advantage.

Missed Easy Shot?!

Move your feet for that sitter.

At-Home Tennis Prep

Stay ready even when you’re taking a tennis break.

Try the Australian Formation

Be creative with your doubles serving!

Use the Drop Shot!

Make your opponent run.

Sleight of Hand

Don’t forget your non-dominant hand.

Art of the Backhand Slice

Your defensive AND offensive weapon.

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