Team USA vs. Australia in ITF Finals in Croatia

Tina Karwasky played 1S, Wendy McColskey played 2S, and my partner Vicky McEvoy and I played doubles yesterday for the USA team against the British team at the ITF World Championships in the Kitty Godfree division. We won all positions in two well-fought sets, which sends us to the finals against Australia on Friday. Today, we hired a driver who took us to Rovinj for a few hours. A beautiful old town on the Adriatic. Had a great practice was at 4, and we are ready to take on Australia for the GOLD.


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  1. sunbird15 says:

    What format are the matches? Wishing we could watch you all play.

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  2. jandrive says:

    Wishing you and Team USA the best Judy!

    Louise Nicholas

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  3. George Forman says:

    Winning leads to Winning. I think the Australians are in trouble. I can’t wait to read your victory post. George Forman

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  4. maslab1 says:

    Another great win. Now go get those Aussies and win the championship!!

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  5. Gladys Villalobos says:

    I am happy you are doing what you love. One of the secrets for longervity. Enjoyed your blog. Looking forward to more.

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